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Best Custom-Fit Earphones

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Adapt it to your ear quickly and easily. No fuss!

Ewolv are the only earphones able to accomodate anyone’s unique ears in exactly 30 seconds.
The best earphones need to be ultra-comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and must fit securely in your ear for good noise isolation. They stay in place all day long and won’t cause you headaches as your typical non-adjusted headphones.

They are perfect for daily activities like sport, work, transport, as well as for extrordinary trips or whatever you want.
We believe your ears deserve true comfort, so we designed a custom-fit wearable that evolves with you. Thanks to the reversible nature of our process you can deform Ewolv as many times as you need to find the perfect fit.

In just a few quick steps

From the unwrapping to the pleasant sound experience, you only need these 5 basic steps to make your Ewolv perfect for you.


Plug it to your phone adapter.

Press the button

Another easy step: only one button to press.

Wait 5 seconds

It won't take long before you get perfectly shaped earphones.


Unplug and simply put the earphones in your ears in a comfortable position.


You are ready to enjoy all your favorite songs in the perfect conditions.

French Tech Materials

Ewolv are made with an innovative and incredible composite.
The winged tips are made of LOMA’s original material: once you have set the shape, it won’t change until you decide to. We spent more than 3 years in R&D to provide you with the best electroshapable material.

We believe it will democratize custom fitting. We can equip bras, ski boots, bracelets and so many more. If you support us, the only limit will be our imagination.

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Use Ewolv in Every Situation

Ewolv are reliable earphones that will never let you down!
Bring them with you everywhere, for any activity. Comfy, classy, and top-quality: they are the perfect next gen earphones!